2012 A Year of Reading…

This year we are determined to celebrate reading at Ivanhoe Academy. I bet lots of us got books for Christmas and I would imagine that we have all been enjoying a few quiet moments where we lose ourselves in whatever we have been reading. I bought a book called, ” Stories from Ancient Egypt” by Joyce Tyldesley, which I read last week so that I could teach Y3 all about them as part of their English lessons. I am also reading, ” An Elephant in the Garden” by Michael Morpurgo which is about World War II. This Friday we will be spending the afternoon looking at books that we might like to buy for the classroom so that people can borrow them and enjoy them. I would like everyone to let me know about the book they are reading and why they like the book. I would also like people to make suggestions as to what books classes should buy on Friday. Please blog and let us know what you enjoy, that way we can make reading more fun for everyone in school.


62 thoughts on “2012 A Year of Reading…

  1. Piper, Liberty, Alex, Megan B, Brodie, Kaitlin, Abbey, Hollie and Ellie asked me to blog for them to say how much they enjoyed reading their books – but unfoortunately they could not get onto the internet to blog! For that reason, they all came to my office and did a joint blog…

  2. Jacob T wanted to borrow my computer as he forgot to blog at home. He is reading “A Hat Full of Sky” by Terry Pratchett. He got this book a month or so ago and has only just started it… He has read tons of books and listened to audio books on his ipod. He thinks that other children in Y6 might enjoy the author.

  3. Atlanta borrowed my computer as hers was in use last night. Atlanta’s book is “Pony Club Secret” she likes that because it is about a girl who discovers mysteries – the girl has a pony called Mystic Blaze. Atlanta hopes to read more books like this when she has finished.

  4. Travis wanted to borrow my computer to blog. His book is about 100 things about the earth – like earthquakes and volcanoes and things. He really likes fact books – he had one on Anciet Egypt.

  5. Hi Mr Brian,
    I have read these two books to my mum,they are called The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Charlie Cook also by Julia Donaldson,and now I am reading The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien,yesterday night I read all my reading book to my mum.I am going read with my mum every night,I like reading.I had a big tea,I have been in the bath so now I am going to bed so my mind works for tomorrow.nite nite see you tomorrow.
    love Rebecca y3

  6. I am reading Alone on a wide wide sea by Michael Morpurgo.I really enjoy his books.

  7. I am really enjoying reading ‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl. I think other people would enjoy reading it too. I find it really funny how big the BFG’s ears are! 🙂

  8. last night i read some of my chelsea football annual book, its about statistics from matches, and about the players.

  9. I love reading at home every night .I am on the highest level at school i got a set of Enid Blyton books like the magic faraway tree ;the folk of the magic faraway tree ;the enchanted wood . My nanna jane got them at Christmas

  10. ayup mr brian,
    hows the school going are there anymore plans to be done on it and would it be ok if i sent in a picture of me and my mates in de warenne thanks.

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