Learning with the Maths Subject Leader!

Mrs Noble is really interested in finding out how her class have been enjoying their maths lessons this term. We teach an hour of maths every day as well as countdown, and we are really good at maths at Ivanhoe School. What have you been learning in class this term? Which lessons have you particularly enjoyed and why? How do you know what you are going to learn at the beginning of every lesson and how do you tell your teacher if you have understood or not? Where do you do your maths – on little whiteboards, on paper, in books, on the interactive whiteboard? Are you better at maths or English? Just tell us anything you like to help us to know how you are getting on this term…


Juliet (now Julie!)

I never wanted a cat, but now we have one, I couldn’t ever think of having a different pet. I say ‘pet’ but she doesn’t feel like a pet – she feels more like an additional member of the family. She does exactly what she wants all the time and ignores me except early in the morning when I wake up when she gives me about five minutes of her time. I wonder what pets children ( and others) have at school. Tell me about your pet – what are they called, what are they and what strange things do they do?

The Summer Holidays ( where did they go?)

It was really lovely to get back to school on the 1st of September. I suspect that most schools used the Thursday and Friday as Inset days so that staff could get ready for the beginning of term, but teachers at Ivanhoe were ready because they had used their holiday time to prepare for the new term…

Those holidays already seem a long time ago, so it would be nice just to think about great times that people had. You can see on ‘Snapshots’ what some people were up to – why not take a minute to look at the photographs and maybe send in one of your own… The most memorable moment for me was the one where I was standing on top of the pole about to take the ‘leap of faith’ ( the photograph is in snapshots). I was sooooooo scared; my knees were knocking and my heart was racing. Something that gave me a lot more pleasure was getting a cat for the first time ever ~ Juliet, who is also on snapshots. Take a moment to think about your summer holiday. What was your memorable moment? Was it scary like mine or was it just fun?

Juliet – my naughty cat!