Academy Conversion…

Last night, Tuesday 28th June, a full governors’ meeting took the decision to make an application for Ivanhoe Primary to convert to an academy.

This is just the first step of a lengthy process that might see us converted by January 2012 – we fill in an application and then the Secretary of State for Education decides whether or not to approve the application and issue an Academy Order and it is after that point that the complexities of the process begin.

We need, as part of this process, to consult with parents. It would seem sensible to use the school blog as part of this consultation, which is what we are doing. As Headteacher, I see the positive benefits of academy conversion, which I see primarily as the school having  greater control over its finances with more money to spend on our children and greater control over the curriculum.

The purpose of this blog  (and the letter home today) is to ask parents (a) if they have any questions they would like to ask (b) if they have any comments that they would like to make and (c) if they would like a public meeting on the issue. If we knew in advance the sort of questions that parents wanted to have answered, we could set an agenda for every parent to see so that everyone could be prepared properly.

This is potentially a very important moment for Ivannhoe, and the more people who are involved the better. Please blog and please let us know the questions that need answering – and there is no such thing as a trivial qiestion; they all have equal importance. I would have thought that a public meeting before the end of term would be a good idea, so please let me know your views on that particular point.

Thanks in advance for your comments and questions and views.

What did you think of Sports Week?

(By the way, nearly everyone voted for The Wizard of Oz – I have asked if we can have that one… they will let me know when the schedules are arranged in September.)

I hope that everyone enjoyed Sports Week. I really liked the fact that Miss Brown brought her brother to teach quick-cricket and basketball and Mrs Sedgwick brought her sister for gymnastics! I had a go on a dance mat for the first time in my life and tried balancing a peacock feather (circus skills) also for the first time. We went to Chatsworth on Saturday with the Y6 and had an amazing time – they used up tons of energy on the adventure playground, but we also loved the house and gardens. But I think my favourite memory was the Infants Sports Afternoon. It started to pour down just as parents arrived to watch, so we all had to move to the hall. It was cramped but fantastic fun. What is your favourite memory? What shall we do to improve it next time?

What a Pantomime!

We are forever grateful for the suggestion made nearly two years ago that we should have a pantomime in school at Christmas. In 2009 we had Aladdin and in 2010 we had Cinderella – but what should we have in 2011? We have the choice of Jack and the Beanstalk, The Wizard of Oz or Beauty and the Beast.

As everyone who knows our school understands, we like to know what children and parents think, and we like to act upon those views, so please tell us which panto you would like to see. I will count the votes up at the end of next week and announce the winner. Please, only one vote per person!