Christmas Riddles…

Quite often, Christmas Crackers will have a riddle inside them. Riddles are fun – and they make you think carefully. Some riddles are really difficult to work out – like, When are Ofsted going to visit the school? The riddle I am going to ask is very old – very, very old. And here it is: What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs in the afternoon and on three legs in the evening? The clue to this riddle is that the morning, afternoon and evening aren’t quite what they seem. Ask me if you want to know the answer to the riddle. And why not leave a riddle of your own (but put the answer at the bottom otherwise we will all go crazy trying to work them out!) The best riddle gets a build-a-bear voucher, so get your riddles on the blog!

I’m a Celebrity…

My daughter, Eve, tells me that I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here is her very favourite television programme. She tries very hard to persuade us to let her watch part of it – and she gets her gran to record it so that she can watch it after school the next day. I just don’t understand the point of the show. It seems to me that a bunch of people just stay in the jungle for a while and get covered in insects and muck while Ant and Dec laugh at them. Does anyone at Ivanhoe watch it? If you do, can you tell me what is so good about it because I haven’t a clue!

Christmas Crackers!

In order for Christmas to be a success, we have to plan early. We already know the date of the Christmas pantomime and the Christmas discos, the church service and the Christmas dinner ( and the Nativity). It was while I was thinking of these things that I just suddenly wondered whether or not it would be nice to have some Christmas crackers on the table at Christmas dinner. At Ivanhoe school, every table has a teacher sitting on it for this special occasion and it is a really lovely time. But please tell me – do you think crackers would be a good thing? Or do you think we should do something else to make the occasion more fun – we could have carols playing for instance… tell me what would make Christmas dinner even more special and then we will see what we can do!

And then Bonfire Night!

It rained in Sheffield on Hallowe’en. Both my girls were with a bunch of friends and they went out trick-or-treating. They went out in nice, cool weather… then it started to drizzle, then rain a little, then rain heavily – then it poured down. They both came back soaked with make-up running down their faces, probably more frightening after the rain than before!

Bonfire night this Friday. Every year since the girls were small we have had a few fireworks in the back garden and that’s what we shall be doing again this year – not very exciting but it keeps us happy… So do please tell me what you are getting up to. We have pie and peas and sticky toffee pudding – plus a few sparklers and rockets. What are you doing on Bonfire Night?