My Favourite Book!

We are celebrating our own BOOK WEEK from September 27th when we will have an author – Daniel Blythe – a book maker and the Library Service all working with us. In addition, teachers will be swapping classes to tell stories across the school. Assemblies will be celebrations of books – and of course we will have a non-uniform day on Thursday 30th September to raise money for the people of Pakistan.

When we cleared out all the girls’ books recently, there were some that I had read so many times when my girls were little that I couldn’t throw them away. Some of my favourites were; The Tiger Who Came to Tea, When Mum Turned Into A Monster, Eat Your Peas and Dogger. If I had to pick a favourite though, it would definitely be, Finish The Story Dad, because I read it so many times to Stella – and I always changed the little girl’s name from Ruby to Stella. Let me know your favourite book and I will read it (or part of it) in assembly!

Evening Meal…

I have just had the most delicious meal ever! Last year at school, Eve learned to make pizza… and now, every few weeks, we get Eve’s pizza for tea. The base is already made – we get that from the shop – but Eve uses tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, orange and yellow peppers and chicken for the topping. When she cooks it it sort of tastes a bit burnt – but nice-burnt somehow. Anyway, I prefer it to any other pizza. I would like to know if you ever do any cooking and what your favourite meal is that you get in the evening.


My Favourite Television Programme!

My girls are really looking forward to Strictly Come Dancing that starts again on Saturday. They like to watch  the dancers get better every week and they like to hear what the judges have to say – although they prefer the judges who are kind rather than the horrid ones! They also like the times when the professional dancers do a number themselves as they are so spectacularly good! My own favourite television programme is Marr on Sunday – but that is because I am interested mainly in the news! Tell us what you really like to watch on television and don’t forget to use the word because ( my favourite word) as that will let us know why you like it!

The Start of the School Year.

We had a lovely start to the school year last Thursday. I think that Mr Luke, Mrs Ridge and Mrs Grimwood must have stayed up all night cleaning because the school was all sparkling and new for the first children in on Thursday. I would like children to tell me on the first blog of the year what they think about their new classroom or their new teacher or what they have been learning. It is a big thing to make the jump from infant to junior or from Rowena to Ivanhoe as so many children have done, what is that like? Have you enjoyed it. What do you think of the new building work in the juniors? Tell us what you think – tell us what you like and even what you don’t like!