A New Term of Promise.

School starts again this week – on Thursday 2nd September in fact –  and I am sure that we are all very excited about that. It is important at the beginning of the year to feel fresh and excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead of us. Already we are planning a Book Week in the last week of September with a sponsored walk and lots of reading activities, a  Multicultural Celebration week in November and a Sports Week in 2011.

We are going to have to make some changes in 2010/11 – we are changing lunch times slightly, KS1 are having a morning assembly most mornings, classes are going to be known by names rather than by year groups and so on. I am looking forward to seeing the school packed with children, let me know what you are looking forward to this year…

Vandalism at school – and new building work…

It was really sad to go into school today to see the vandalism that has taken place recently. Some children (but not from Ivanhoe) have smashed windows, broken television aerials, climbed on the roofs, smashed slates and gutters, trashed the allotment greenhouse and slashed the canopy by Reception. It is hard to believe that children could do that – or that parents could have such little control over their children that they could allow them to do that! It is really, really sad. The good news is that the school’s neighbours were very quick to call the police who helped to stop the damage. Thank you to all those people who keep a watchful eye on the school and who help to keep it secure from mindless vandalism.

However, it was lovely to go into school and chat to all the teachers – oh yes, teachers are often in throughout the holidays. It was also lovely to see the work being done in school – the area around Miss Burnham’s and Mr Else’s classrooms is being turned into an extra support room and an office for Mrs Wild and Mrs Earnshaw. And Mrs Earnshaw’s class is having an extra room attached to it so that the Y6 can be taught in two separate classes. So the KS2 end will look really different in September!

I have to confess that I am looking forward to the new term starting – I completely tidied my office today and changed all the displays ready for Ofsted when they finally get round to visiting us in September. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their break.