(Another) Sad Day…

I just can’t believe that it is a year since I wrote the blog ” A Sad Day…” when the last Y6 left. Last year they were listening to Pink as I blogged – this year I can hear them all whooping and shrieking along to a song by Eminem and Rihanna. As well as this amazing Y6, we are saying bye bye to Mrs Smith, Mrs Walsh and Mrs Brown on this sad day.

Still, a school doesn’t stay sad for long – and I am so excited about next September when we will have nearly 220 children in the school, up from 190 in September 2009. It is great to be part of a growing, vibrant school – even on sad days like this.

So please, please, please stay in touch with us Y6. Remember, you are allowed to come back to visit us – and you can blog – and you can come to the next disco if it still a cool thing to do!! And as for the rest of the school – what are you up to over the holiday – please blog and stay in touch! Happy Holidays!

Memories of 2009/10

Wow, it seems only a minute since I wrote the blog “memories of 2008/09” to which we had 53 replies! Well, a year has flashed by and we will be breaking up in less than two weeks. I have lots of lovely memories from this year – I really enjoyed the summer fair and when we sold all the Harvest Festival produce outside St Peter’s Church last October. I really loved Sports Week – especially the tennis which is my favourite sport. I loved seeing the children’s faces when they were told their brilliant SATs results. I loved getting lots of phone calls from parents asking if they could move their children to our school. So many happy memories!!! What is your happiest memory from this year?


My head is buzzing from writing comments on reports for all the children at Ivanhoe School. I have done sixty so far and I have about one hundred and thirty to go – and I am doing Y6 tonight (Monday) so I am going to have to think of lots to say…

So. What would you write in a report about yourself? If I were writing one for me, I might say, ” Although Mr Brian tries hard, his desk always seems to have piles of paper on it. He needs to get to school earlier to keep it clear!” What would you write about yourself – if it is really good, I might put it into your reports when I write them!