Narrowing the Gap…

I would like to thank all the parents who supported the school by blogging about how we engage with parents. Staff at school are thrilled to read about how their hard work is appreciated! I would like to thank Jackie, Grace and Joe ( and Owen on Thursday) for coming to the conference with me and helping me.

     I asked the people that heard us speak if they would care to blog as well – just to let you know what they thought of what you said. I am really hoping that we get some replies – it would be nice to know what other teachers think of the way we do things here.

( At the moment it does not look like the little girl will be getting her sweeties!)

Engaging Parents in the Assessment Process…

I would like to have a blog just for parents this week please… On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th June, the school has been asked to talk to Headteachers and other senior school leaders in Doncaster about how we get parents to understand how well their children are doing in school. This is quite a complex question. Obviously, the way we set homework helps because it tells parents what is going on in school and it gives parents the opportunity to help their children and to have their say. The fact that we give a report to parents every term helps and the fact that we ask parents to level their children’s work every January contributes. But those things wouldn’t have value if we didn’t, at the same time, make it clear to parents that we value their thoughts and feelings at all times.

The questions I am asking you to answer, therefore, are: how does the school help you get a better understanding of how your child is getting on? How does the school help you to play a useful role in helping your child to make progress? It would be useful for other schools to know what works and what doesn’t so that if they want to follow Ivanhoe’s processes they will have a good idea of what is likely to be successful. Thank you for taking the time to blog!