Another half term holiday…

Thanks for all the school mottoes. In the week we get back we will make a shortlist of ten and then we can let people have a vote on them so that we can come up with one for the school. I think that they are lovely – I love the ones about working hard and doing well, succeeding…

Anyway, we are on holiday now and I’d like to know what people are up to. I played tennis in the rain for two hours this morning – that seems like a silly idea but we had fun. I might be going camping later in the week. So how are you spending this half term holiday? Remember, children don’t go back to school until Wednesday 9th June so you have a little more time than the teachers!

Ivanhoe School Motto

It has struck me recently that our school does not have a school motto. A motto is a short phrase that sums up the attitude and approach of an organisation. I looked on the internet and found a few school mottoes (the plural of motto can be mottoes or mottos) so here are a few examples: Living, Working and Playing Together, that seems quite nice. We Teach, We Learn, We Care, that is quite nice as well. There are some others that are odder – Do Right and Fear Not, that seeems to be an old motto, it has an old-fashioned sound to it. And my old school motto is definitely a bid strange – Look Forward to the Battle, Being Prepared. It would be nice if we could come up with a few words that summed up our school, then we could perhaps add it to our letterheads and so on. If people could blog some short, clever, relevant suggestions,  I will get a team of people to choose the best five and then we can have a vote on a motto. This will be open to everyone, so I hope that we get lots of entries. There will be a £25 Meadowhall voucher for the winner!

Summer Fair and Discos!

First of all, how nice to have heard from Hollie S who had to leave us to move to Leeds. Hollie left us a message in response to ‘Early Summer’ telling us how much she is missing us. We miss you too! Hollie will be missing the Summer Fair on May 19th and the two discos on the same evening. We have had to hold two discos because we can’t all fit into one! So if you want to come to the early disco with your brother or sister ( even if they are in year 7) and your mum or dad, then you can, or you can come to the later one! Hurry, because we expect all tickets to disappear quickly!

Now, what would you like to see at the Summer Fair? Let us know if you have any good ideas (probably not a rollercoaster, but we can include some ideas of yours!) and have you any ideas for the discos….hot dogs? tombolas? spot prizes? ice-creams? What would you like to see? Let us know and we can help to make this a great (if exhausting) occasion.