Early Summer!

It is hard to believe that it is summer – we are in the summer term… and the sun is shining! This week I have loved the fact that on the sunny days we have taken the juniors out for an afternoon play – the children love the extra time on the grass, and it just seems right that children should be having fun as well as working very hard. Every day when I get home, I go into my garden and look at how my plants are doing. My tulips are just about ready to come out and my plum tree is really trying hard to blossom. This is a great time of year because there is so much¬† to look forward to and so much to enjoy. I would like to know what children¬†(and parents) are enjoying at the moment and what they are looking forward to… I am enjoying the sunlight and looking forward to Ofsted visiting, what about you?

Easter Holiday!

We are just a few hours into our Easter Holiday, and it seems a long time until the 19th April when it is ‘back to school.’ I really didn’t like the noise of the funfair today – it was such a distraction, but I know that lots of children are looking forward to visiting it. So what are we all doing over the holidays? Next week some time, I am taking my girls to The Deep and then to Eden Camp. The girls have been pestering to go to both places for ages. I know that some people are going away for a few days, some people are going on day visits and some people are just relaxing at home. Please write and let us know what you are up to over the next eighteen days!