What did we think of Sports Week?

Well, I thought it was fantastic! I was so impressed with all those people who helped us out – Doncaster Knights, Sainsburys, Doncaster Catering Services, Pennine View, De Warrene, the two coach companies, Superbowl, Zoe Cliff and Polly Lovegrove, Caroline Flint, Dearne Valley Leisure Centre and so on. I was also impressed with the weather!

My favourite moment was when I walked through the school on Tuesday and couldn’t find a single child because they were all out on trips or on the school field doing different sports – it just seemed perfect!

It would be lovely if parents and children blogged about this week. Should we do this every year, did others like it as much as I did? Please let me know.


I am so excited about Sports Week! The idea that every child in the school will take part in 26 different sporting activities is really wonderful. We have arranged it so that children have some activities that will last a long time (so all classes get an hour of tennis, Y6 get two hours of basketball, KS1 get an hour each of gymnastics, Y5 get 45 minutes of football with Doncaster Rovers and so on) and some activities that are really quick – otherwise we wouldn’t get all 26 in. I think it will also be lovely that all staff and children wear sports kit all week.

Just as important is the fact that children will be thinking about eating healthily. It always seems odd to me that people say ” I don’t eat peas or cabbage or broccoli or whatever, because I don’t like it!” That is so silly. It’s like saying, “I don’t do exercise because I don’t like it!” ( Or “I don’t do maths or English because I don’t like it!”) Sometimes, to stay healthy, we should do things that we don’t particularly like. I have to confess that though I  like most vegetables, I don’t like sprouts. However, I know that they contain good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and dietary fibre. Moreover, they are believed to protect against colon cancer, due to their containing sinigrin ( I just looked that up.) So I eat sprouts because they are good for me – they keep me healthy. We should all exercise regularly and we should maintain a healthy diet – we owe that to ourselves… So I am excited about all the exercise and about the fact that this week we are all trying to eat healthily.

It is also good that we are raising money for Children with Leukaemia and for Sports Relief – by the end of the week we should all feel quite proud of ourselves.What do you think? Are there any sports that you are trying for the first time? Are there any vegetables? (And don’t worry, I asked the Mrs Lant not to put sprouts on as I knew they were unpopular!)

Emily’s Blog!

This week, Emily from Y6 is taking over the blog. She came up with such a good suggestion that I thought that she should share it with everyone. Here it is:

Hello everyone from Emily, and welcome to Emily’s blog. I think that as we are coming towards summer (well it hasn’t snowed for at least a week!) that we should try and enjoy the good weather. It is my suggestion that if it is a sunny or warm day, then we should have a playtime in the afternoon. This could take the place of assembly, or it could be just before asembly. I think we need to do this because we don’t always get a long dinner play, and also exercise is good for you. Everyone at this school works very hard so a bit of extra play would be like a reward. Please blog back if you agree with this suggestion, because Mr Brian says that if fifty people blog and agree, then we may give it a go soon.

From Emily!