Your turn!

I have been thinking for a while that it might be nice if someone else had a go at writing a blog. I would like to see someone come up with a good theme for a blog – either a parent or a child. Does anyone have anything they would like to say so that others can also make replies? It could be about a school issue, or it could be about a Conisbrough issue – or something wider. If you have something to say then reply to this (tell me what it is) and I can arrange for you to write the next blog. Anything on your mind? Share it with the rest of the universe through Joe’s Blog!

Half Term Holiday!

Well, that was a quick six weeks – a quick, cold six weeks – perhaps it will be spring when we get back to school on the 22nd February. I am just wondering what everyone will get up to over the holiday? Today I have to play tennis, then I get to take Eve, Stella and Lara ( Stella’s friend) swimming. Tomorrow I walk the dog with my mum ( and the girls) on Monday we are going to the cinema with one of Eve’s friends… The other thing I have to do is have a birthday on the 19th – but I have had so many of them now that I don’t really bother celebrating.  Here is a photo of me when I was a little boy with my dog called Titus and my brother, Shaun.

What are you doing over half term – I bet one or two have birthdays – what else are you all up to?

Sports Week!!

We are going to have a week dedicated to sport at Ivanhoe! This is going to take place between Friday 12th March and Friday 19th March. The reason for this date is that Sport’s Relief  happens on the weekend of 19th, 20th and 21st March (there is no Comic Relief in 2010) so we want to join in. It is also an opportunity for children to try out lots of different sports – we might also get parents involved if they fancy a go!

We also want to raise money for the Leukaemia Challenge at the same time – where you are supposed to get sponsored for doing 26 of something. We thought we might try to do 26 different sports for each child over that week. We have thought of lots of sports to try – some like hoola-hooping are easy to organise, but we also want to get the Doncaster rugby and football clubs into school to do some coaching as well. Please, if you can suggest a sport that we could include, or if you can suggest someone who might help us – like a sports coach or something who will do a lesson for free, then blog and let us know. Let’s make this the best Sport’s Week ever!!