That sick feeling!

It seems to have been a very poorly school this week – there are 30 children off today! I hope that the half-term holiday will give us all a chance to get any bugs out of us so that we start the half-term leading up to Christmas in full health. I loved all the jokes – and the winner was Emily with the joke about the tomato…

Over the holiday I hope to go for a nice walk in the country, play some tennis, tidy my garden and get some sleep. What are you up to? Is anyone going to the cinema? Anyone going away for a few days? Anyone going ice-skating or swimming ( I have to go roller blading and swimming with my girls!) I also have to go with them when they go trick-or-treating… What are you up to next week?

I say, I say, I say….

I hope that everyone will have a good look at the web site over the next few days as there will be quite alot of new information on it – about clubs, Harvest Festival, school dinners and children’s work. I have really enjoyed the writing boards at school this week where children have been telling their favourite joke. I think it would be nice if people blogged me a joke. I have a box of celebrations on my desk for the joke that makes me smile the most. Here is mine ( I hope I win). – Patient: Doctor, Doctor I keep getting pains in the eye when I drink coffee
Doctor: Have you tried taking the spoon out?

So have a go and see if you win! 🙂

School Clubs

After school clubs start this week and we have a whole range from cookery, board games, ICT, maths and science, French club, film club, homework club and so on.  We will probably be having some more in the build up to Christmas – I can remember last year that children really enjoyed the Christmas crafts club, and we might try to organise some dance. If we get the opportunity to work with people who do circus skills or PE we will do that as well. I am really looking forward to film club because I think children should have the opportunity to watch interesting films. Tell me what you have enjoyed this week – and what other clubs you would like to see…If you are one of our fabulous Y7 children tell us about the clubs at your school (and see if you can persuade one of our Y8 or Y9 children to blog!)