Conisbrough Ivanhoe School Council

Later this week and early next week, classes will be choosing new members of the school council. There will be two members of each class and four Y6 children. Council will meet on a Wednesday dinner time between 1.00 and 1.30 pm with Mrs Donkin. It is really important to have a school council because it allows children to speak up about things that they think the school needs. It is also important that other children make suggestions about how to make this school even better. Please blog back and tell me how we should improve school – all comments will be listened to and replies will be posted.

A New Year of Learning

My daughters, Eve and Stella, (Y7 and Y6) have been so excited about the new school year that started this week. For teachers, the start of a new year is exciting because they might well have a new room and they certainly have new children and new things to teach. As a Headteacher it is lovely to see all the changes we have made over the summer and to see all the new children in school. I have taught Y6 some History this week – we have been learning about things that happened 50 years ago in America. What have you been learning and what are you enjoying about the new term? I hope that I get replies from children at this school as well as those who are now in Y7 at their new schools…

Back to School on Monday.

All the teachers have been working hard this week (though if you have passed the school over the summer holiday you will have seen teachers in for a lot of the time in August!) We are all ready for Monday and we are looking forward to seeing our children again. This year I am really looking forward to teaching Y6 History and RE on a Monday afternoon. What are you excited about in the year ahead?