And now it’s raining again!

I have just this second returned from a long weekend in Centre Parcs. We had the greatest time – the girls went on something called a ‘Gladiator Challenge’ which was basically climbing very high up into the trees, they also went on a cheerleading session and then on a low ropes session for a couple of hours. We went cycling, canoeing and swimming as well… I didn’t think I’d enjoy the pool – but we ended up spending hours and hours in there – on different watery activities that usually meant travelling at high speed down slopes! I went into the plunge pool where the water is freezing – but I only tried it once… Two weeks today the children start back at school – who is looking forward to it? ( I am!)

Rainy Days in Summer

Well, it’s another wet day in the summer holidays! It seems like a great deal of the summer has been spent listening to the pitter-pat of the raindrops, and it is so gloomy as though the raindrops are tears streaming down the windowpanes! This morning, Stella and I are making muffins – and the flavours are blueberry (from the garden), cherry and jaffa cake – yes, jaffa cake muffins! Later we are watching a film (and later still she goes to a party so I get five minutes peace!) What do you do on the wet days in summer?

Changes in the Infants

I went into school yesterday to have a look at the changes that are being made in the infant side of school. We thought it was all a bit dreary and cluttered before and we wanted it to be brighter, cleaner and more spacious. All the old coat pegs have been removed, the big cupboards have gone, the walls have been painted, a new non-slip floor has almost been finished and fantastic new coat pegs that are in a wavy shape will come on the 18th August. Children will also have a space below the pegs, like a little cupboard, to put bags in. We are going to have so many infants in September that we want their space to sparkle so that they will feel really proud of their school. Once back in September we can see how successful the ‘new look’ is, and we can think about making improvements in the juniors – I wonder if anyone has any suggestions? Please let me know if you have any ideas…