The First Week of the Holiday.

This is Friday 24th July – the end of the first week of the holiday. I am writing this while waiting on the telephone to be connected to Centreparcs…I have been ‘on hold’ for ages and I’m bored! It has been a really wet week – I’m quite fed up of rain. I have been cycling a couple of times with my girls, and we also went to Derbyshire yesterday to climb on the rocks. On Tuesday we went to see Harry Potter – the latest film – two and a half hours!! I didn’t like it but the girls enjoyed it. I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday – what are you all doing?

A Sad Day…

It is Friday afternoon I am at the computers listening to Pink blaring out of the Y6 room. I can hear all the Y6 singing along (very loudly)… It’s a sad day in a way – time is ticking down to the¬†deadline when the Y6 are no longer ours – they will soon all be attending different secondary schools and our ‘team’ will be split up . However, capturing this moment keeps them at this school forever in a way. They are now singing along to ‘Beat It’… So, it’s sad to lose them – but it’s all part of the cycle. They have been a fantastic Y6 and they should do brilliantly at their new schools. I really hope that they keep in contact – they can do that through the blog if not through any other means!

I hope that everyone enjoys reading the school newsletter that is coming home with children tonight. It’s been a great year. I hope that everyone enjoys their holidays and comes back refreshed on the 7th September. I will be blogging through the holidays and I hope others will join in – let us know what you are doing. Happy Holidays.

Unwelcome Visitors…

Poor old Stella was scratching away at her head this morning when I insisted on checking for nits (headlice). She was really cross with me because I did it when talking to a neighbour and she felt embarrassed. We then got her in the bath and wet her hair and found loads and loads of our unwelcome visitors. This¬†is not the first time this has happened to us – but we have never seen so many before. At the moment, Tracy is checking her own hair and it’s my turn in a minute. As I type I feel itchy all over my head – but that’s because I’m squeamish about the idea of them, I think. I have kept my hair short since I last had nits when the girls were infants, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Children all over the country get nits occasionally – and really, apart from keep your hair short, there is nothing to prevent it. I HATE the idea of putting insecticides on children’s heads – we always use hair conditioner and a nit comb. I have just been reading on the internet today and have read an article which says this is the best way to keep nits away – regular combing with a nit comb. Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed because it’s my turn for the nit comb next!!!

Memories of 2008/2009

We are rushing towards the end of the school year…only two weeks until the summer holiday. I wonder what have been our favourite memories of this school year? One of mine has definitely been the after school maths teaching that we did before SATs. Somehow, it didn’t seem like work – it all seemed like biscuits and laughter – but the children we worked with did very well indeed! I really liked going to Colomendy in June – it is good to see children learn new skills, test their own bravery and get along with each other in a different environment. These are recent memories…when I stretch my mind back a bit I picture the children playing with the new trim trails – they have brought so much pleasure to our children. I loved the sponsored walk and Harvest Festival in October – the fancy dress element was lovely. It has been a great year…what has been your favourite memory or greatest achievement?