A VERY hot week!

This weeks threatens to be extremely hot – probably too hot to be comfortable. I have told dinnertime staff that we will revert back to KS2 dinners between 12.15 and 1.15 so that children aren’t out for too long at any one time. I hope children have a good drink of water with their lunch in order to rehydrate. Last week some children were sprinting around for half an hour and then looking really hot all afternoon. This wasn’t helped by the fact that many children had forgotten to bring water bottles to school… I would like to see children bringing sun hats to school and possibly having sun-block put on them before leaving home. I would like to see all children bring water bottles, and I would also like them to be sensible about seeking shade at playtime.. We are in the fortunate position of having really good blinds in all our teaching rooms which will help us to keep cool – but I would like to see children helping themselves to stay cool as well! Does anyone have any good ideas on this subject?

Colomendy Residential (North Wales)

I am sitting at home on Monday evening, wondering how I got through today feeling so tired! I have just been away with Mrs Wild, Mrs Earnshaw, Mrs Smith and the Y6 to an adventure weekend in Wales. We got there on Friday at about 4.00pm and we were straight into an activity. I had to gop on the zipwire with my group. Last year I was terrified, but this year I was only frightened. None of the children thought it was scary to climb ten metres into a tree and then whiz down a metal cable, but I certainly did! On the Saturday we did abseiling, archery, climbing, team challenge, fencing and caving – then the children had a disco while the teachers collapsed into an exhausted pile… On Sunday we had just two activities before we came home – we got back at about 4.00pm, dirty and tired.

Mrs Wild is brilliant for organising such a problem-free weekend – she puts hours and hours and hours into the planning. The camp itself is great – basic, but comfortable with plenty of food and plenty of juice breaks. The weather has been kind to us for the last two years – and the staff are brilliant, every one of them. The moment I will remember is the moment when I got up to the sixth beam on Jacob’s ladder, and one part of me wanted to climb on to the seventh to equal Brad and Devon, but the other part of me was a little too nervous. I said I’d get all the way to the top next year – which was an excuse…but it is a good excuse to go back once again! I hope that the Y6 will blog and let everyone know what they enjoyed about the weekend – though I expect they are too exhausted at the moment. By the way, well done to every one of the Y6 – they all made it into school today (and so did all the teachers!)

The Sponsored Walk!!

What a great time we had today on the sponsored walk. Every single person in school brought back their sponsor form – now you all need to go out and collect the money and hand it in as soon as possible… It was lovely to see so many parents join in with us – no wonder we are all so fit. The hot dogs and chocolate crunch were lovely – and it was great to see everyone going off with their party bags. Please make sure you get your sponsor form back from your teacher – who should sign it – and then bring the money back to school as soon as possible. There are still prizes to be awarded for most sponsorship in each class, best fancy dress and the Lego Land prize for one lucky family – we will do the draw on Friday in assembly. Thank you again to everyone who took part or helped.

Sponsored Walk Prizes!!

I had a lovely telephone call today from someone from the School Food Trust who wanted to donate a prize for Thursday. They have four passes for Legoland to be awarded for something… I think that what we will do is find all the people who have brought back sponsorship forms with sponsors on and put a raffle ticket in for each of them – and then do a draw on the day. That way everyone who makes a contribution gets an equal chance. I will also do a prize for the person who brings in the most amount of sponsorship from each class (a smaller prize!) and a prize for the best fancy dress (one per class) for those people who wish to dress  up. Parents are invited to join us if they wish. Remember, think about the weather and dress appropriately!

Sponsored Walk – Thursday 18th June

We are all looking forward to the sponsored walk on the afternoon of Thursday 18th June (between 1.15 and 3.15). We are trying to raise lots of money to buy new reading books for the Nursery as well as for the main school. The sponsored walk is also supposed to be lots of fun! Like last year, we will close all the school gates so that the site is secure and then we will do circuits of the school – as many as children feel able to do… Once children have done a certain number of laps, they will be given tokens to ‘spend’ to buy a treat such as a hot dog or crisps and a drink – or to take a penalty against a member of staff, or go on the trim trail – or to have some jewellery (made by Y6). I would like parents and children to think of other treats that we could let children use their tokens on. Any ideas? We want this to be a lovely day for everyone – please help us with some brilliant ideas!

Many thanks to Tesco and Sainsburys who are providing refreshments and vouchers to help make the day a success.

What makes our school so good?

On Tuesday this week we had another parent asking if their child could come to our school. I asked them why they had chosen our school, and they said that it was because our school is so good! It is lovely to hear people say such nice things because it makes all of us feel proud… But can you say, in your own words, what makes this such a good school? Please let us know, and if you like you can also tell us what we need to do to make it even better.

Monday and Tuesday…

It is so hot in school today!! All the teachers and teaching assistants are in school getting ready for this half term. We are moving lots of rubbish out of cupboards and into a skip to be taken away and we are getting ready for our new classes after half term. I am excited because I will be teaching Y5 every afternoon and we will be looking at ‘Britain since 1948’ – last night I watched episodes of Coronation Street from 1961, 1970 and 1984 – and the differences between those years were amazing! If you are reading this, perhaps you can let me know how you are spending Monday and Tuesday – and spare a thought for us slaving away here!