100,000,000 (one hundred million) minutes…

Our 100 Million Minutes reading challenge began last Thursday, and whilst the snowy weather meant it was slightly delayed, I am confident that when we put our reading minutes on the leader board this Friday, we will have made an excellent start.
There are lots of prizes on offer both nationally and at Ivanhoe. The school with the highest average reading minutes per child will win £5,000 worth of books. In school, children have the chance to win a tub of Haribo and 28 reading stickers for each of the 4 weeks they read every day and a giant Easter egg and 50 reading stickers (a free teddy bear!) if they read every day for the entire month.
But this challenge isn’t just about winning prizes. Research has shown that just ten minutes reading per day can make a massive difference to a child’s progress. Reading helps children in so many different ways including: enhancing their communication skills and imaginations and exposing children to a wider variety of vocabulary – which in turn will make their spelling knowledge and writing better.
Please blog and tell us how many minutes you have read so far and what you have been reading!
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41 thoughts on “100,000,000 (one hundred million) minutes…

  1. Dear Mr Brian
    I have been reading Wolf Children. Wolf Children is a Japanese style comic book about a mum and her daughter and son who (not the mum) are part wolf.The story follows the main(ISH) character through her personal life and what happens to her when she goes through elementary school.I have read at least 5 minutes per day and my goal for myself for the whole of the month is 400 minutes. I think that is a reasonable goal and I think I can complete it.

    Cara Lee XXX Y6

  2. I have been reading bad dad and that is a sad story but lovely at the same time . I am also reading Peter Pan jr actors script wends parts ( because I am Wendy ) ! I have been reading every day to make sure I get more stickers to save up and hopefully win a good prize . Alice watt y5

  3. The book is Lilly Alone by Jacqueline Wilson. It is about a girl called Lilly who is left alone several times with her sisters and brother because their mum meets a man called Gordon and offers to go to Spain with him to meet his dad…

  4. Hi mr Brian I have been reading a lot about a book called The slime squad vs the super natural squid
    This book is about some superhero’s called the slime squad and they fight a supernatural squid and two things called maggot men there names were Marvin and Maynard and a guy that’s behind it all in klukk

    Oliver Butterworth Y4 Lemur class

  5. I have been reading diary of a whimpy kid amd i have read 345 minutes so far. I did a full 2 hours yesterday after school as i enjoy reading this book.
    Brandon Beaver y4

    I have been reading rent a bridesmaid, it is the biggest book i have ever read. My teacher has my record sheet but i have reads lots everyday and read for 1 hour 45 minutes yesterday!
    Millie Beaver y2

  6. I have been reading harrypotter books and i have enjoyed reading them

  7. Dear Mr Brian,I am reading Middle School.By James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts. It is a really good book about a boy who has a sister called Georgia and they both went to summer camp and there was a boys side and a girls side.Georgia was one of the most popular at summer camp but for Rafe ,he was in Loservill.Loservill is a place at his summer camp where he and his “friends”get bullied!

    From Alyssia,Y6

  8. Dear mr. Brian

    I am reading the school princess it’s lots of fun to read and in the story the princess didn’t know tha5 she is a princess until her mom and dad told her she was going to be kindnaped so they moved far away from there castle to the town and that she was a princess all along but shouldn’t tell her friend or they’ll have to move again

  9. I love reading and I’m not doing the challenge for the prizes, I’m doing it for the school. It’s not very good that seven of the schools have read for 115 minutes. Come on Ivanhoe, you can do it! So far this week, I have read for 64 minutes, 48 seconds and 80 milliseconds. I have read Doctor Judy Moody and Geek Girl.

  10. I have read BFG, Tom Gates and Peter Pan. I have really enjoyed them all and I am getting a new book.

  11. I have read Wold worst children,BFG ,peter pan and Harry Potter. I love theses books because they are witen by my favourite authors

    Kacey Wiseman Y5

  12. I have joined in the million minutes challenge
    What I am reading is gangsta granny it’s about where mum and dads son Ben doesn’t like going to his granny’s house because she reeks of rotten cabbage and all the time she wants to play scrabble .

    Even though she is dads mum dad still doesn’t like to go to her house so when mum and dad drop Ben off at his granny’s house they don’t want to come in because she stinks off cabbage

    Granny loves reading books she can’t even move in her house that much and also she treats ben like he is a baby because when Ben goes in her house she says to him isn’t mummy and daddy coming in . She also says like every two minutes berm berm . Mum and dad go ballroom dancing on Fridays so they leave Ben at his granny’s house to stay there

    By shae lemur Y3/4

  13. Dear mr Brian, I am reading cherry crush it’s about a girl and her dad and they move to live with a new mum + 4 sisters one of them is mean and the others as sweet as sugar.

    From savannah Bamford Y4

  14. Dear Mr Brian

    I’ve been reading Harry Potter 1 and I like it I’m on page 96 and I’m on chapter 6-The journey from platform nine three-quarters it’s funny and a bit tricky to read but I still like it.

    Ava Pearce Y3 Panda class

  15. I am reading the Harry Potter books and so far they are really good I have enjoyed them beause they are exicting books filled with with fun-thrilled adventures I am now onto Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban and I can’t wait to start reading it! From Nancy Pearce

  16. Dear Mr Brian I have bean reading diary of a wimpy kid book 7 it is a really good book and it is so funny

  17. I’ve been reading Harry Potter and I like it I’m on page 95 and chapter six it’s funny and a bit tricky to read but I still like it

    Ava Pearce Y 3 panda class

  18. I have been reading ‘Bad Dad’. It’s about a boy called Frank and his dad is a robber…

  19. I’ve been reading ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kidd – Hard Luck’, by Jeff Kinney. It’s amazing – I love the ‘Diary of Wimpy Kid’ collection…

  20. Dear Mr Brian,
    I am reading Diary of the Wimpy Kid – it’s about where Greg and Rowly do lawn service and I’m reading The Mean Dream Wonder Machine – it’s about this boy who fixes a washing machine and he’s late for school so he tells his sister to say my brother is late for school because he is fixing the washing machine…

  21. I’ve been reading the World’s Worst Children. There are lots of different stories and I’m reading Dribbling Drew and it says in the book if he could, he would sleep 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Even at school he dribbles when he is learning…

  22. Dear Mr Brian, I am reading Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell
    (Larisa Motoc)
    I am reading Midnight Gang by David Walliams (Annalise Wagstaff)

  23. I have been reading every day and I’m really enjoying my book so far; it’s called Black Beauty. My favourite part was when the horse stopped playing with the cart horses because they always played rough games and they had no manners…

  24. I am reading gangsta granny by David Waliams still and so for what page ov got up to is about a man named raj and he gives Ben a huge amount of money and then when Ben goes back to his granny’s house he pretends to be asleep.when his granny comes in to his bedroom she says your already fast asleep that’s too bad I was going to tell you that bed time story what I told you when I was a little kid.

    From shae Y3/4

  25. I have been reading my naughty little sister and it’s about a little girl who is very natural but naughty here’s one e.g when my naughty little sister went fishing.

    From shae Y3/4

  26. I’m reading my school book,The true diary of Carly Ann Potter.I love reading my favorite books at the moment are Dogman.They are funny.

    I read for 60mins so far
    Jacob H Y4

  27. Iread a lot but so far I have read 300 minutes . I love to read Harry Potter I’m on the 6th book.I have read a lot of books this March .

    Kacey Wiseman Y5

  28. I realize I’m a bit too late blogging now but whatever. I’ve been reading a lot of things at once cause I do that. I’ve been reading Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, Simpsorama (a book about the Simpsons), Bart Simpson’s manual of mischief and some of the horrid Henry books (all of which I own and have read.)

    Milly M Y6

  29. I’m in the reading challenge: I’m reading 30 minutes a day and I’m reading ‘The Boy’ by Roald Dahl and it is a good book.

  30. I’m reading In the shadow of the striker and The littlest pet shop.My challenge is to read for 30 minutes FROM Emily kidd

  31. I am reading Oliver Twist for the 100,000,000 minute reading challenge. This is one of the books I got for Christmas. I usually enjoy reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dirty Berty books so this book is very different, but so far I am finding it interesting.

    Oliver Cope Y4 🐼

  32. hi MR B i have been reading terible tina its a book about a girl called tina plays pranks on people in her class she is forced to clean out the stationery cubord her average life turns not so average somehow the photo copier made a living breathing re creation of herself by nick ward

  33. I’ve been reading about a book called Disgusting DENZIL and it’s by Tessa Carling and Mike Phillips. The story it’s about a little boy that is a monster called Denzil was sat at the dinner table eating breakfast been disgusting and his mum turned pale and he came home from school and went to hospital with his dad and he got surprised and his mum had a little girl but her moth was huge

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