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23 May 2016

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Welcome to Conisbrough Ivanhoe Primary Academy ...

Lots of people have said that they chose to move their children to our school after looking at our website and loving what they saw. Why not click on our mission statement so that you can see what we all believe in so passionately? Have a look at the 'trips' and 'events' links and see the fantastic range of activities that our children enjoy - you will be impressed. Take a look at 'Joe's Blog' and see how actively involved the children are in the school - then explore the rest of the site and see what you think ...

Our 2015 KS2 SATs results:

  • 94% of children attain level 4+ in Reading at KS2
  • 38% achieving level 5 in Reading at KS2
  • 97% of children achieving level 4+ in Maths
  • 50% achieving level 5+ in Maths
  • 15% (five children!) achieving level 6 in Maths
  • 97% achieving level 4+ in Writing
  • 35% achieving level 5 in Writing
  • 3% (one child) achieving level 6 in Writing

Although we have every right to be proud of these fantastic results, we are much more than an academically high performing school: our mission statement makes clear our objective of just making the school the most amazing place to be for children and adults alike. Every year, we have new adventures; why not come along with us and enjoy the ride!

Did you know?

At Ivanhoe, we offer wraparound Nursery provision that covers
7.30am - 5.30pm
Monday to Friday
so that parents can have their choice of hours and they can top up extra hours if they wish ...

Details of our Wrap-around Nursery Provision, including costs, are now available to view.

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Joe's Blog

We are a school where children and parents have a voice.

Take a look at Joe's Blog to see the range of views that have been expressed over the past couple of years on topics that range from whether we should have Christmas crackers at Christmas dinner to whether or not we should become an academy. Over 4,500 comments have been made on our blog so far - and every one is regarded as a valuable contribution.


School Trips & In-School Events

At Ivanhoe Academy we recognise how important School Trips are to children. This year we aim to have the best trips ever.

We also have the best Events in school. Just click the links to see more ...