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18 May 2015

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Welcome to Conisbrough Ivanhoe Primary Academy ...

We hope that you have a good look at the whole of this website so that you get a flavour of all that we do at Conisbrough Ivanhoe. We are a fantastic school and we are very proud of our achievements: look at the photos from the trips we have been on this year, or our writing week, our Easter competitions, our Kingswood residential or the Prom. Spare a minute to look at the school mission statement (the second of the links on the left of the homepage) because it is something written by parents, children and staff and it informs everything that we do at the school.

Our 2014 KS2 SATs results:

  • 100% of children attain level 4+ in Reading at KS2
  • 67% achieving level 5 in Reading at KS2
  • 100% of children achieving level 4+ in Maths
  • 52% achieving level 5+ in Maths
  • 9% (three children!) achieving level 6 in Maths
  • 94% achieving level 4+ in Writing
  • 24% achieving level 5 in Writing

Although we have every right to be proud of these fantastic results, we are much more than an academically high performing school: our mission statement makes clear our objective of just making the school the most amazing place to be for children and adults alike. The Local Authority have been so impressed with the way we do things that we have been asked to help Conisbrough Balby Street Primary School reach our very high levels.

This is a lovely school so do enjoy our website!

Twitter Messages from Ivanhoe Academy:

Halloween at Ivanhoe!

Our Halloween Disco was a huge success with lots of great fancy dress and even a candyfloss machine.

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Have you seen our

Picture of the Week?

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Joe's Blog

We are a school where children and parents have a voice.

Take a look at Joe's Blog to see the range of views that have been expressed over the past couple of years on topics that range from whether we should have Christmas crackers at Christmas dinner to whether or not we should become an academy. Over 4,500 comments have been made on our blog so far - and every one is regarded as a valuable contribution.


Writing Week - February 2014

An amazing thing happened at Ivanhoe School when a huge and mysterious egg-like object dropped from the sky and crashed into the school playground. During the course of the following week a series of 'experts' came to school to talk to children about what it might be.

We wrote all sorts of exciting pieces around the appearance of the egg and had a great end to the half term. Click here to see what happened...

School Trips & In-School Events

At Ivanhoe Academy we recognise how important School Trips are to children. This year we aim to have the best trips ever.

We also have the best Events in school. Just click the links to see more ...

Y6 trip to Kingswood

As a reward for all their hard work, the Y6 were taken on a residential weekend to Kingswood in Staffordshire on the Friday after their SATs exams.

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